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Emmons Video Series

Videos increase interest and personalize customer connections

Emmons is very committed to video promotions as they understand the importance of this delivery method. Viewers are expecting video more and more and in many studies, younger viewers bounce from a site without video at alarming rates.

In addition to informing the viewer, video can personalize your staff! After the very first video production at Emmons, we put together a bloopers video . . . most first time productions have 3x the footage due to first time camera glare. It has provided that personal touch where people entering the store immediately connect with Steve and start laughing together about the video. Sometimes it's simply a laugh just at the right time to make a customer smile.




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With over 20 years of experience in marketing and ebusiness technology, we have the knowledge, creativity and solutions experience to help make your goals possible. And we custom tailor our plan to your unique needs.


This doesn't mean we are cheap by any means - we have experience and we believe we should be compensated fairly. However, with very little overhead expenses, we are able to pass the discount on to you.


As a network of freelance professionals, we are still committed to success after 20 years. We continue to service our established clients as though they are new clients because we form lasting partnerships.


I do not even know what to say! You guys are amazing. The videos are unbelievable! I am in shock and am SO happy! Fantastic job and thank you so, so much! Professional 100%

Beth Eastlack
Morton & Furbish Rental Agency

Your work is great and the video is amazing. We were so excited when we saw the final product. What a worthwhile investment! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Valerie Kane
Rental Property Owner